Solar Flair

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Penelope Prana

Penelope Prana


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Pranayama means extension of the breath. Prana is energy or life force and ayama means to extend.  Pranayama is used in Yoga practice as a means to calm the mind.  Your energetic (or pranic) body connects your physical body to your emotional body via the Chakra's.


Solar Flair

Solar Flair is a collaboration of talented local and guest fire dancers. We appear at various Festivals and events around the Northern Rivers and South East Queensland and have previously appeared with Rainbow Flow Arts, Carnivalia O’ Gypsy Circus and Spin Fire & Flow.

The solar plexus chakra (Manipurna), is associated with the element of fire.  It is the seat of power in our body and from where we draw our strength. Solar Flair represents the empowerment of self. Each of us is unique and this shines through magnificently in our fiery art form.

We all enjoying performing for you, but we don’t stop there.  We also offer participatory workshops (check the relevant schedule closer to the date).

Before we learnt to play with fire, we learnt to play and this is something we could all do with re-learning.  Make the first move towards harnessing the power within and join us for our daytime play sessions where you’ll learn fun skills that will improve your coordination, fitness and concentration.

See us at the Nimbin Aquarius Festival, May 25, 2018 in Mingle Park, Nimbin.