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Penelope Prana

Penelope Prana


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Pranayama means extension of the breath. Prana is energy or life force and ayama means to extend.  Pranayama is used in Yoga practice as a means to calm the mind.  Your energetic (or pranic) body connects your physical body to your emotional body via the Chakra's.


Our mobile Yoga space provides an opportunity to nourish your mind, body and soul through Yoga, Play and Mindful activities.  The indoor space provides for an intimate (max 6 people) Asana practice or a Meditation / Relaxation space for up to 10-12 people.  At Yoga-Play we like to spend time in nature so offer outdoor practice, weather permitting.

Our shared space programs vary according to the occasion but always follows a theme of self care, inclusion and fun.  Offerings include;

  • Yoga for Mindfulness.  Carefully sequenced gentle physical and breath practices, designed to induce a calm state of mind.  The perfect meditation platform.
  • Surya Namaskar (sun salutations).  Learning this flowing, endocrine balancing practice offers a powerful tool to aid general health and well-being and is suitable for occasions when you have only 20 mins to spare for your self care regime.
  • Yoga Nidra, a powerful deep relaxation practice, promoting health and facilitating achievement of personal goals consistent with your true hearts desire.
  • Mindful activities such as colouring or Mindful eating.
  • Yogic breath practices (Pranayama).
  • Visualisation and Meditation practice
  • Hula hoop making, fire safety and hooping tuition.

Outside of led classes, the space is available for personal practice.  We have a small library which you’re welcome to browse and we love a stimulating conversation.  We tend to go with the flow so come along and contribute to the energy.  This can be an opportunity to get creative – bring your favourite craft or toy.  All welcome.  Supervise your children and in the spirit of Ahimsa (do no harm), please be respectful of our choice to live a Vegan lifestyle.

Namaste, Penelope and Trev