There is so much more to Yoga than twisting your body into various shapes, although that is the manner in which most people are introduced to Yogic practices, particularly in Western culture. Actually, Yoga is an ancient Eastern Science, primarily an exercise of the mind, and includes underlying ethical practices. For some, Yoga becomes a lifestyle, for others it provides a few tools to navigate life.

There are various pathways to discovering your Yoga (the Yoga that is of most benefit to you), many of which are showcased in Penelope’s Yoga Snippet program. Different Yogic tools can be selected at different times of life, and Penelope specialises in helping individuals select the tools most useful to their present situation.


Penelope presents Yoga in various settings and is always interested in having a conversation about how Yoga might be incorporated in to your Workplace, School, Social group or personal life.

Join the mindfulness revolution

Many Companies, including Virgin, BUPA, Suncorp, Origin Energy, LinkedIn, NAB, CBA, Deloitte, Westpac and Woolworths, are realising the benefits of Mindfulness practices for their employees. Google have even developed their own Mindful leadership program. This is because they have read the research and know the potential benefits for their Business.

Mindfulness practices have been shown to positively impact;
• reactions to stress
• clarity of mind
• ability to remain calm in difficult situations
• energy levels
• increased ability to listen and accept multiple perspectives
• Increased ability to connect with others
• Increased concentration and focus

The minimum time commitment for a led session is 60 mins
(perfect for a lunch time recharge).

Longer sessions or workshops can be tailored specifically to the needs of your business.

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Yoga for Mindfulness

Living Mindfully allows us to respond rather than react, resulting in better decision making.  Adopting a Mindful approach to life frees us from a cycle of emotional reactivity and turmoil. Yoga facilitates Mindfulness by offering various practices targeted at...

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Yoga Snippets

Penelope has developed sessions suitable for delivery in the class room, office, park or Festival. Yoga snippets provide a taste of various elements of Yoga. Some active, some less so, all will encourage you to discover your Yoga, and give you a basis for starting a...

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Shared Space

Our mobile Yoga space provides an opportunity to nourish your mind, body and soul through Yoga, Play and Mindful activities.  The indoor space provides for an intimate (max 6 people) Asana practice or a Meditation / Relaxation space for up to 10-12 people.  At...

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Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutations)

I love to practice and teach Surya Namaskar for so many reasons.  Surya Namaskar is a specific set of postures, practiced in the form of a dynamic (flowing) sequence.  Once learned, it's an easy go-to practice that you can turn to & receive immediate...

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Committing to a regular meditation practice is one of the key ways I care for myself.  Research showing the benefits of meditation continue to confirm my commitment. Regular Meditators report being able to ease (& in some cases overcome) the symptoms...

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Pranayama, the 4th of Patanjali's 8 limbs of Yoga, means extension of the breath.  Prana is energy, or life force, and ayama means to extend.  Your energetic (or pranic) body connects your physical and emotional bodies, via the Chakra's. In Yoga, we use the breath as...

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Mudra's are subtle yet amazing.  My favourites are a set of 4 Hastha Mudras (hand gestures) that ease and assist breathing by activating the surface area of the lungs.  The breath is such an important part of Yoga practice, & indeed life! yet astonishingly many of...

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Sutra’s of Patanjali

Yoga instruction was traditionally passed from Guru to student orally.  Patanjali was the first person to record Yogic teachings in writing.  He did so in a series of Sutra's (short verses) which are known as the Yoga Sutra's of Patanjali.  Since the original text,...

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Asana means posture and is what people in Western culture often associate with the practice of Yoga.  Yoga, however is primarily an exercise of the mind.  The purpose of Asana is to prepare the body for the stillness required in meditation.  Asana is also vital...

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